SFuels Quick-Start Sample Pack

SFuels Quick-Start Sample Pack

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The SFuels Quick-Start Sample pack is designed to give you the opportunity to try each of our products across all of the flavors so that you can prove the SFuels oxidation advantage, and test which flavors you like best before placing an order for the standard pack size.

Each Sample Pack contains

1 * 3 Serve Sample of SFuels Coconut Lime TRAIN

1 * 3 Serve Sample of SFuels Pomegranate Acai TRAIN

1 * 3 Serve Sample of  SFuels Fruit Punch TRAIN

1 * 3 Serve Sample of SFuels Strawberry Lemonade TRAIN.

SFuels TRAIN products contain, fuel in the form of MCT/C8 from coconut oil, bound to collagen peptides, with low to no carbs, to train and trigger maximal fat oxidation efficiency during training sessions and everyday living.

1* Cherry, SFuels Race + Sachet

SFuels Race+ contains, MCT/C8 calories and carbs in the form of highly branched cyclic dextrin which is designed to pass quickly through the gut and be absorbed into the blood with limited impact on blood sugar levels. Race + is design for high-intensity training sessions, heavy training blocks, and racing.

1* Vanilla Cacao SFuels Endurance LIFE Bar

1* Blueberry Cacao SFuls Endurance LIFE Bar

SFuels Endurance LIFE Bars are a Grab-and-Go product to power your high-intensity training sessions, to recover faster from those long aerobic workouts, or break that overnight-fast.  High on quality oils, and whey protein isolate, while low on carbs and zero sugar alcohols, SFuels LIFE BARS are designed not to spike blood sugar/insulin levels, and keep efficient fat oxidation post-training and in everyday living.