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Dr. Francesca Conte 


   Francesca Conte was born in the Italian Alps and, since then, she has made it her mission to love and live in the mountains.


 She has a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Virginia and spends her time directing races as President of Bad to the Bone.  She has competed in numerous ultras, winning many, including 11 - 100-mile races, 3 - 100k races, 12 - 50-mile races and 13 - 50k races.  


  Throughout her running career, she has tried many fueling strategies.  However, her knowledge of mountain life always brought her back to a mountaineering-inspired fueling strategy, where less or little sugar is consumed, having more emphasis on a low carb and high-fat diet.  She recalled old mountain men talking about how their bodies would adapt to long hours on the mountains consuming fewer calories, due to their high-efficiency fat-burning training.  This always made sense to Francesca, as the human body is well built to use its own stores and not to continuously rely on a steady stream of carbohydrates.  After the switch to low carb high fat, it did not take long for Francesca’s body to adapt.  She now fully embraces the low-carb high-fat training and racing strategy and she is thrilled to have found a company in Spike-FREE which produces bars that not only tastes great but is also fully in-line with her nutrition philosophy.


  As an avid mountain lover, Francesca can now head out for a training run high up in the mountains and not worry about carrying heavy loads of food.  All she needs is what her body is used to and, in SFUELS, she has found the perfect fueling companion for her mountain life.