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About Me:  61 Year Old Age Group Endurance Athlete, Automotive Executive, Outdoorsman, and Family Guy

Long-time Endurance Athlete with strong emphasis on Triathlon. After swimming competitively in high school and at club level in college, I developed a love of fitness and health. Over the past 35 years, I have had a passion for “going long” but also have continued to focus on the “long game” of staying healthy! I have always realized that fitness and health do not necessarily go hand-in-hand and therefore my goals have always focused on balancing the 2 with a strong focus on no only training and racing, but also the important elements of diet, sleep, recovery, and a healthy positive mental attitude along with balance in life. I have completed literally hundreds of endurance events from ocean race swim marathons (up to 15 miles), sprint triathlons, marathons (2 times Boston Finisher), and 11 Ironman Events, including three 140.6 Races.

Last year I Finished 3rd in AG at Ironman Florida narrowly missing a Kona slot! My specialty is Olympic Distance Triathlon where I am a USAT All-American and ranked 101st in the Nation and 6th in the Northwest in my Age Group. I will be competing in the USAT Age Group Nationals in Cleveland this August where I hope to qualify for ITU World Championships. I also hope to qualify for Boston in local marathon this year.


For the majority of my years in endurance sports the conventional wisdom was carb-based nutrition and I, like most others in the sport, followed that strategy.  As I progressed through the years, I began to wonder about how all those carbs and sugar-based fuels were affecting me.  I cut back, started practicing a “less is more” strategy, which seemed to be a good move, and gave me a slight lift in performance. Despite that change, my fuelling strategy still relied on carbs (thinking that fats could not be digested in training or racing). Not too long ago, I went in for my annual physical and had my blood work done.  Everything was perfect except one exception. My doctor was surprised to see that my A1C level was at 5.7, which is at the low end of “pre-diabetic”.  He suggested that it was not a huge concern, but that I should moderate the carb intake and think more carefully about my diet. I bought a glucometer and decided to start checking my blood sugar levels to record trends. I remember doing a long training run one day and fuelled using a standard maltodextrin based commercial fuel. I tested my sugar 3 times on the run, and was shocked to see my average blood glucose level was at almost 160. I knew this could not be healthy!  I started doing research on the topic and began to see the emerging acceptance of LCHF Fuelling.  I immediately began to slowly migrate my diet toward this approach, and started creating my own blend of fuels with oils and low GI carbs.  I immediately saw the impact in terms of quicker recovery from training and events, along with improved performance and zero GI issues.  Best of all, I went back to my Doctor after about 6 months of changing my diet and nutritional strategy and was pleased to see that my A1C had dropped to a very healthy 5.2.


I have now discovered SFuels, and in my view, it is the perfect fuel for long distance events and aligns perfectly with my strategy of ditching sugar and fuelling with healthy fats! I want to document my continuing journey in my quest to perform well in endurance sports, but perhaps most importantly maintain my health and well-being so I can continue pursuing my passions for many years to come and share my experience with others who can benefit from this diet and fuelling approach.

Gregg Goolsby