RACE+ GEL Bullets
RACE+ GEL Bullets
RACE+ GEL Bullets

RACE+ GEL Bullets

The perfect in-race storage solution or the SFuels Race+ Gel.  Super compact, lightweight with one-way valve for rapid dosing and no sticky-hand mess. Each bullet will hold 1 to 3 servings of Race+ Gel. 
Regular price$15.95

- SFuels Race + Gel Bullets made of food grade silicon are lightweight, easy to carry and compact.

- With a one-way flow valve and easy open flip top, they allow for fast dosing and prevent sticky hands while racing.

- These reusable bullets help avoid single dose wrapper pollution and allow you to leave no trace at the race!

Each bullet can carry 3 serves of Race + Gel which delivers:

- 66g (2.3oz) of carbohydrates (highly branched starch)
- 18g (0.6oz) MCT’s>420 Calories