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Hi there - I'm Tim Reynolds, 43 years young and completed my first Triathlon in 1996 stationed in Cuba while serving in the US Navy.


Several years ago I got serious into endurance events to relieve stress from my work environment. I am married with 3 kids so it's important to keep a level head and set good examples for my family. Being a Coach it is also important to have mental clarity and set a good example for my athletes.


I got into the LCHF lifestyle after experiencing stomach pins, needles and bonks during my races but also blood sugar spikes and drops during workouts. These would leave me laying on the sidewalks shoving gels into my body so I could get up. The sacrifices of time and money are far too great to have a race ruined by poor nutrition and the sugar drops are far too dangerous to accept as normal.


After talking to my wife about giving up racing she finally convinced my stubborn head to give LCHF a try. After 4 weeks I told her I was done being weak and going back to High Carbs, she told me to give it another week and things turned around with power and speed starting to return. By week 6 I felt accomplished and confident I made it through the transition period. I have since set PRs in every race distance. Feeling so excited about my new found recovery and mental health I decided to give it a test. Three days after finishing 8th Over-All in a 70.3 Triathlon I ran my first 50k on simply sodium and water. I was blown away by my ability to recover and endure on LCHF.


That run was tough though and I knew something was still missing. My wife found SFuels online and ordered a bag. I had found the missing link using SFuels and knew I had to start spreading the word. Most of my athletes are LCHF and Sfuels has also given them the ability to feel great while racing and training. 

Ironman Certified Coach

USAT All American 

AWA Ironman Athlete

LCHF Practitioner

Tim Reynolds