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usage and impact

  SFuels TRAIN is not designed like your ordinary high-sugar drink. SFuels TRAIN is designed to help promote efficient fuel switching  (between fat and carbs) for endurance exercise lasting beyond 3Hrs.  


  Ultra-endurance exercise over 2-3 hours has an athlete mostly running in aerobic (with oxygen) states, where fat is the preferred and efficient form of fuel. However, the reality of ultra-endurance sport brings athletes face to face with varied elevation shifts, weather changes and, competitive intensities. All of these factors will throw the athletes physiology in and out of aerobic (fat burning) and anaerobic (glucose burning) states.  Generally, at 2-3 hours athletes have consumed most of their glycogen in their muscles and the liver. However, the fat adapted, aerobically trained athlete, will be able to burn fat at higher intensities (performance-speed), and need to consume and carry far less carbohydrate based fuels.  


But regardless of one's fat-burning efficiency, the anaerobic demands that will arise in higher intensity training and racing will demand ‘some’ glycogen and if not available, the athlete will slow, cramp, or even be required to stop.  The good news is that the body uses carbs differently when exercising beyond ~2 hours.  At this point,  the body can allow glucose to move from the blood into muscle cells via insulin-independent mechanisms.  This is important, as avoiding insulin spikes is critical to allow the body to simultaneously burn fat and carbs for fuel.



Suggested SFuels Use: Add 1 scoop of SFuels TRAIN  Powder to 16oz of cold water and mix/shake thoroughly. Consume 2 serves/Hour of sustained activity. 


2019 QuickStart


Dave scott and dr. dan plews discuss low-carb impact and outcomes.