SFuels ZONE 2 Aerobic Training Fuel

SFuels ZONE 2 (prior SFuels TRAIN) fueling drink mix supports Zone 2 training and aerobic base development with SFuels Extended Substrate and no added carbohydrates.  Maximize your Aerobic adaptations and Gut Resilience with SFuels ZONE 2. 

20 Serve Bag / Pomegranate Acai
20 Serve Bag / Strawberry Lemonade
Single / Pomegranate Acai
Single / Strawberry Lemonade
10 Pack / Pomegranate Acai
10 Pack / Strawberry Lemonade
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Meet the product

SFuels ZONE 2 is specifically designed to optimize the benefits of aerobic training by focusing on efficient breakdown and oxidation of fat, while also promoting aerobic adaptations. Unlike traditional carbohydrate-based sports nutrition, SFuels ZONE 2 utilizes fuel-nutrients to support enhanced aerobic adaptations like mitochondrial biogenesis, and elevated lipolysis and fat oxidation. By design, SFuels ZONE 2 includes no sugar or carbohydrates to support the avoidance of blood-sugar/insulin spikes which blunt lipolysis, fat-oxidation efficiency and aerobic adaptions.

Using SFuels Extended Substrate and with no added carbohydrates, SFuels Zone 2 gives athletes the confidence of maximizing Zone 2 aerobic training development.

SFuels Zone 2 takes a 3 pronged approach to support Gut Resilience during Aerobic training.

This includes -  

1. A reduced carbohydrate dependency and intake, will lower the known risks of high-carbohydrate consumption during endurance training/racing,

2.  The gluten-free, sugar-alcohol-free formulation of SFuels Zone 2 minimizes the triggers known to add further risk of gut distress to training and racing. SFuels also excludes Fructose from its training products in avoiding Gut-membrane and aerobic adaption de-training risks from day-to-day over-consumption of Fructose.

3.  SFuels Extended substrates uses select MCT fatty acids and Glutamine to both fuel and provide nutrition to support Gut membrane integrity. This supports building Gut resilience during training.

Maintaining proper electrolyte balance is crucial for athletes, especially during extended periods of training and in hot or humid conditions. To offset the electrolyte loss that occurs through sweat, higher doses of sodium and potassium supplementation are often warranted.  Athletes who follow a lower carbohydrate protocol should supplement with electrolytes.  It's important to consult with a healthcare provider or sports nutritionist to determine the appropriate electrolyte supplementation based on individual needs and training conditions.

SFuels ZONE 2 delivers 12X Glutamine per serve, compared to 1st generation SFuels TRAIN, thanks to the dosage efficiency of SFuels Extended Substrate.

How to Dose SFuels Zone 2 Drink Mix

Mix 1 Sachet with 16-24 ounces (soft flask/bike bottle) of cold
water and shake well.


  • C8 and C10 Medium Chain Triglycerides fused together with
    L-Glutamine as Extended Substrate TM
  • Sodium from Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Potassium Gluconate
  • All natural flavors
  • Beet Juice Powder used for color
  • Monk Fruit Extract for sweetness
  • Malic and Citric Acid for preservation and flavor

Right Fuel
Right Time

Maximize endurance adaptions by matching Fuel-nutrition to training-racing aerobic, threshold and Vo2Max intensities.

Strong Aerobic base

Elevate aerobic adaptions from Zone 2 training, to support efficient flexible access to fat, carbohydrate and amino based energy sources.

Gut Resilience

Deliver world-class performances by avoiding the Gut-distress risk of high-carb intake. Leverage SFuels fast-transit carbs and extended substrate nutrients that promote gut resilience during training and racing

Fructose Free Training

Avoid the de-training effects, and risks to gut membrane integrity, from daily over-consumption of sugar/fructose in diet and sports nutrition.