SFuels TransfARMs Arm Sleeves
SFuels TransfARMs Arm Sleeves
SFuels TransfARMs Arm Sleeves

SFuels TransfARMs Arm Sleeves

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Whether in the heat of Hawaii lava fields, or crossing the high-passes on Mont-Blanc, Transform your body temperature with SFuels TransfARMS.

Made with UPF 50+ fabric for strong sun protection, SFuels industry leading innovation has delivered an arm compression sleeve that supports endurance athletes in the hottest of days, coolest mornings and darkest nights. 

SFuels TransfARMS provide a simple design feature of upper-arm and forearm stretch pockets build into the outside/lateral side of the sleeve.

SFuels TransfARM Usage Models

1. Full-Sun Race Cooling Performance: Fill TransfARM pockets with ICE as you move through Aid Stations. Cooling the arms and palms has shown in studies to effect the physiological effects of returning blood from peripheral circulation in intense-heat during endurance exercise. 

2. Cold Nights/Morning Race Performance:  Slip on SFuels TansfARMs to stay warm during cooler ambient temperatures. For those extreme cold nights -  add single use air-activated heat packs to the TransfARM pockets to keep you warm and moving.  For high-viz during racing, add your night-glo stick to the TransARM pockets.  As the sun rises and ambient temperature rises, peel the sleeve down to your wrists, or remove and store in your race pack. 

 SFuels TransfARM Sizing Chart

  • Small:  8" to 10" Bicep
  • Medium:  10" to 12" Bicep
  • Large:  12" to 14" Bicep
  • X-Large: 14" to 17" Bicep