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RACE PACK: Triathlon Long Course 140.6 MILES. 10-15Hr

RACE PACK: Triathlon Long Course 140.6 MILES. 10-15Hr

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Maximize your performance with the SFuels Long Course Triathlon Race Pack. Say goodbye to fueling guesswork and hello to energy efficiency, gut resilience, and cognitive focus on race day. Let SFuels help you reach your goal of completing a long-course triathlon in 10-15 hours.

Optimized Dosage Recommendation Download our Race-Recipes

1) Consume 1 SFuels PRIMED (in water) during the 60 minutes before race start.

2) Consume 2 SFuels PRIMED in the first 30 minutes of the bike ride. Mix this into your bike hydration system or a soft flask you take out of T1.

3) On the bike begin consuming SFuels ZONE 4 Race fuel drink. Target 2 serves (60 Gr carbohydrate) per hour.  7Hr bike = 14 serves.  Storage Recommendation: Add 2 servings to the front aero-bar hydration system.  For the remaining 12 servings, add (6 servings each) to 2 bike bottles as a fuel concentrate. Shake vigorously and check full mixing has occurred - before inserting it into your bike bottle holders. Consume the focus through the race with additional water from aid stations. 

4) At T2, have a pre-prepared soft flask with three servings of SFuels PRIMED.  Consume this in the first 30-60 minutes of the run.

5) Consume the Zone 5 Race Gel at 1 pouch (58 grams carbohydrate) per hour - ideally, 1/3 pouch every 20 minutes during the marathon. Store 3-4 Gels in your race belt, and pickup the remaining 3-4 race gels at the special-needs aid-station on the run.  Consume water through aid-stations. 

     Triathlon Long Course 140.6 Miles (10-15Hr )

    14 x SFuels ZONE 4 Fuel Drink - 7 Strawberry Lemonade and 7 Pomegranate Acai

    8 X SFuels ZONE 5 Gel

    6 X SFuels PRIMED Watermelon Sachets.

      LEARN MORE: The night before, the morning of guidance for half or long-course triathlon food and fuel preparation. Download our Race-Recipe here. 

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